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MMC provides hands-on experience in both the public and private sectors and at every level of project execution, having an in-depth understanding of both the micro and macro components of successfully managing all types of projects. This expertise combined with a best-in-class network enables the firm to efficiently implement proven critical-path methods to ensure that high priority projects are delivered.


MMC has built a proven track record of saving clients time and money while consistently delivering on commitments by offering unmatched project planning and management services to assist clients with various time, budget, and resource management initiatives.


MMC is led by Ken McComb who has over 20 years of diversified experience in managing projects. He has been on the client side as CAO and COO of various investment funds, family offices and other related businesses. He is a trusted advisor and knows firsthand what the expectations are and what it takes to plan, manage teams, and get things done. 

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